Tax Fraud

If you find yourself facing a criminal tax investigation it can be a stressful affair. An IRS or California tax board criminal investigation is serious, and could result in a state or federal criminal indictment and even incarceration. If you are facing such an investigation or charge, your should contact an experienced tax fraud attorney right away. Do not discuss the case with anyone other than a criminal attorney, and certainly not with the government.

In most cases where tax fraud is suspected, the matters is investigated by the IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID). Tax investigators many times specially trained federal accountants. During the course of the investigation, tax agents will attempt to interview you and others you know. Your financial records will be closely reviewed.  Once the investigation is complete, the IRS will recommend charges be filed with the Department of Justice, where a United States attorney will take over the case.  Ideally, though, you will have contact a tax fraud attorney by now and will have a jump start on beating the charges.

The process is very similar for California tax fraud investigations.  Often the biggest reason to hire a criminal attorney as that he or she may be able to convince investigators and government attorneys that the case does not warrant a criminal prosecution.  Perhaps you could negotiate a settlement for unpaid tax debt.

If you suspect you are under investigation for tax fraud or evasion, contact a tax fraud attorney today. Call Nicco Capozzi at (559) 374-2012.