Political Crimes

Political crimes are some of the most serious charges one can face in either California or federal courts. Such charges are not very common, but when they do occur, you need a very experienced defense lawyer to fight for your rights, because so much is at stake.

What is a Political Crime?

A political crime is generally speaking an offense committed against the interests of the state, its government or the political system. It can include charges of treason, sedition, and terrorism, which are political in nature as they represent a direct assault to the government in power. Espionage (spying) is also considered a political crime. Political crimes can be at the same time a different type of crime. For example, the acts of 9/11 were both political and violent in nature.

Crimes such as treason, sedition, and terrorism carry substantial penalties and prison terms because they represent a direct and serious challenge to either the state or federal government. Espionage, or spying as it is more commonly knows, is also a political crime and is also very serious in nature.

Those alleged to have committed a political crime do not actually have to attempt to overthrow the government or its political leaders. All that is necessary is that the government perceive it is as being threatened, especially in the case of espionage.

Political crimes are serious, and they require a skilled political crimes attorney. Life terms in prison are not uncommon for persons convicted of the various political crimes. Hire an experienced, honest, and reputable defense lawyer. Call us at (559) 374-2012.