We provide upfront pricing

We always strive to make legal fees as straightforward as possible.  That is our business model. We put our clients first, always.  We do this in a variety of ways (prompt communication, dedicated serves, etc.).  One of the primary ways is to be as upfront as we can with our pricing. We feel that people should have an idea of prices in the very beginning of their attorney search.  We are not hesitant to do so because we know the quality of our service, we know we run a modern and efficient law firm with low overhead, and we know our clients and what they want. We do not base our prices on other firms.  We are confident.

No local firm provides upfront pricing . . . except us.

We firmly beleive that everyone should be able to hire an experienced and reputable criminal defense and litigation attorney.  Though our services are top-notch our fees are reasonable for most people.  We are not the cheapest option nor the most expensive.  We are able to offer our services at reasonable rates because we keep our overhead low and run a technologically advanced office -- this allows us to work quicker and smarter and to be more cost-effective.  We pass the savings on to our clients.

While each case is different we provide below a ballpark of our prices. Complex and more serious cases will cost more (for example: multiple charges, enhancements, strikes, more serious crimes, etc.). Also, if there are multiple cases the price will be higher. Below you can see our starting prices.


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