Prostitution Attorney

Prostitution is illegal in all jurisdictions in the United States, with the exception of a few counties in Nevada where the commercial sex trade is legal. There are federal, state, and local laws that regulate prostitution activities based on the confined rules of jurisdiction. Though prostitution is legal in Nevada, those charged with prostitution elsewhere face stiff penalties and possibly prison sentences.

What are Federal Prostitution Laws?

Federal prostitution laws apply when prostitution involves a non-citizen alien or crosses international or state boundaries. Under Federal law, the importation of people for the purpose of prostitution is illegal and considered a form of human trafficking prohibited by federal code and the 13th Amendment of US Constitution. Any instances of prostitution on federal property, such as a military base, also falls within the jurisdiction of the federal government, including overseas military bases. Anyone who takes a prostitute across state lines to in illegal prostitution will be subject to federal prostitution charges. Anyone with a history of prostitution on his criminal record will be denied employment in the federal government.

What are Some of the Various Ways I May be Charged with Prostitution?

In addition to “pimping" and “pandering," there are various prostitution-related crimes that involve third parties. Federal laws relating to the sex trade typically prohibit certain categories of behavior that encourage or entail prostitution. These include:

Keeping or residing in a house of prostitution; or
Leasing a house for prostitution; or
Procuring a person to travel for purposes of prostitution; or
Bringing a person to a place kept for prostitution; or
Sending a minor to or permitting a minor to enter a house of prostitution; or
Taking a person against his or her will for prostitution; or

In addition, federal law prohibits transporting a person across state lines with intent that that person engage in prostitution or any other criminal sexual activity.

Federal prostitution laws can be complex. If you have been charged with prostitution you will likely face some stiff penalties, including fines and imprisonment. Hiring an experienced prostitution attorney is important and you should contact one that has experience defending these types of crimes.