Street Gang

Street crimes in California may be loosely defined as those crimes being committed in public places. Other crimes, such as drug crimes, can at the same time be considered street crimes if committed in a public place. Since street crimes are so broadly defined, the range of seriousness for those charged with street crimes can vary widely. So can punishments. The most commonly charged street crime in California is that of being accused of gang affiliation.

What are Street Crimes and How does it Relate to Gang Charges?

Street crimes can include charges of illegal drugs trade, gang affiliation, assault, burglary, and much more. If a crime can be committed in public it can be classified as a street crime. The only crimes that really cannot fit into the street crimes category would be white collar crimes. Likewise, violent crimes are often excluded from the street crimes category.

Robbery, often called 'mugging', and other forms of thefts from bystanders in public can also be considered street crime. Other examples of street crime include pickpocketing, illegal drugs trade, prostitution, graffiti, and vandalism of public property. Note, street crimes can be committed against private persons in public or any public property.

Most street crimes are relatively minor, such as vandalism or petty theft. But street crimes can be quite serious, especially if committed on behalf of a criminal organization or on behalf of of criminal street gang. In fact, it is common for crimes committed for the benefit of a street gang to carry substantially more time in prison, and sometimes a life sentence. Many who are charged with street crimes and gang affiliation are not actually a part of a street gang and so having a skilled gang attorney who can beat the gang enhancement is vitally important to your case and your future.

Street crimes and gang laws can include many types of crimes and it is vital you hire an attorney that understands all the differences in laws and charges. Because street crimes and gang affiliation enhancements can carry such heavy sentences, you need an attorney who will fight for you. Hire an experienced, honest, and reputable gang attorney.