All About Bank Robbery and Accessory Offenses

Many people have seen TV and movie glorifications of bank robberies, but bank robbery charges cover far more than a violent stick up followed by a stand off with the police. Nearly any act designed to take money from a bank could result in federal felony charges resulting in decades in prison. This applies to any person that the government believes to have provided assistance in a bank robbery no matter how remotely they were connected to the actual act of robbing a bank. If you or someone you know has been charged with bank robbery, it's important to have a thorough understanding of bank robbery laws and possible defenses.

What Is the Difference Between Embezzlement and Theft?

I get this question quite a bit in my practice.

I recently read a piece of news that a nonprofit director was recently charged with $42,000 worth of embezzlement in her role as director of two Yosemite area child centers. While the news is not especially noteworthy, I thought it would be a good chance to explain what exactly embezzlement is and, more specifically, how it differs from theft.  

Fresno Police Officer Being Investigated for Auto Theft

Corrin Hoggard of Fresno's ABC30 news is reporting that a Fresno police officer is currently being investigated on allegations of auto theft and possibly connections to the local drug trade. "They will be asking a lot of questions, serious questions, questions that may be very difficult to answer," said ABC30 legal analyst and Fresno criminal defense attorney Tony Capozzi.