Fresno Police Officer Being Investigated for Auto Theft

Corrin Hoggard of Fresno's ABC30 news is reporting that a Fresno police officer is currently being investigated on allegations of auto theft and possibly connections to the local drug trade. "They will be asking a lot of questions, serious questions, questions that may be very difficult to answer," said ABC30 legal analyst and Fresno criminal defense attorney Tony Capozzi.

Allegedly, police officer Alfred Campos recently took his truck to Michael Cadillac to get the vehicle repaired when mechanics realized the VIN had been altered. The vehicle had been stolen in late 2013.

Capozzi says it could've been an innocent mistake.

"He may have purchased the pickup with that VIN on there and took it to the Department of Motor Vehicles to register it and if there was no kickback from the DMV he may not have understood this truck was stolen," he said.

Campos was investigated in 2006 when law enforcement found more than four pounds of meth and more than $70,000 in cash in Campos's home. His half-brother was convicted on a drug felony, but Campos was never charged.

"You put the two and two together and there may be an investigation into whether he's involved in the narcotics trade," Capozzi said.

Campos is currently on paid leave.

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