Can a Knock and Announce Violation Ever Lead to Evidence Being Excluded?

Over the years, the use of no-knock warrants has grown exponentially. With a regular warrant, police are required to knock and announce their presence before entering a private building. No-knock warrants allow police to immediately make forcible entry. Because of this, their expanded use has been hotly contested. 

What are the rights of passengers during a traffic stop?

Traffic-stop confrontations between police and motorists have made the news on a regular basis in recent years, leading to serious discussions about drivers' rights. Many experts advise drivers to comply first and complain later, but when it comes to passengers, what's expected? Do those riding in a vehicle that gets pulled over face the same requirements as those behind the wheel? 

Opinion: police body cams should not be made public, usually

As riots terror through the U.S. in response to apparent injustice and police treatment inequality, new legal and constitutional issues arise.  To combat the perception of misconduct, the use of police body cameras is beginning to gain tremendous traction across the country.  The concept is easy: if police record their interactions with citizens, police will be more inclined to act justly and citizens will be more inclined to treat police with respect.  That is, if both parties know their interaction is being recorded, there is less chance either will act inappropriately.  In theory at least.

Police cannot extend your traffic ticket unless they have reasonable suspicion

It is common practice for police to use driving tickets as a pretext to search motorists' cars. The typical scenario includes the officer asking permission to search the vehicle but often times police just search anyways if the motorist is acting strange (in the officer's eyes).  Commonly, the officer will use police dogs to sniff and find whatever is hidden in the car.  Skilled officers will prolong the ticket writing to give the dog enough time to sniff (search) the car.

Man Tasered While Kids Watch Following Seatbelt Traffic Stop

I wish I could say the following story comes as a surprise but being a criminal defense attorney has shown me, if nothing else, just how brutal police can be when performing "routine" traffic stops. I say "routine" because that is how they are referred to but in reality there is nothing routine about what occurs during the course of many such stops.