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We are pleased to now offer unbundled legal services

The Law Office of Nicco Capozzi now offers unbundled legal services to all our clients.  In most cases we are hired to handle an entire case from start to finish -- this type of representation is necessary for criminal defense, asset forfeiture, appeals, and litigation. However, many times our clients have simple matters they need handled. Perhaps you just need a single document drafted, a corporation formed, to send off seizure and desist order, or many other types of documents related to business, property, marriage, healthcare, human resources, estate planning, landlord and tenant issues, and more.  We now offer these services at a reduced flat fee rate.

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Call the office for more details.  (559) 374-2012.

Welcome To Our Law Blog

This is the first post of our newly minted law blog.  We plan on using this blog to keep you updated on all the freshest content related to the law, especially as it relates to criminal law and procedure in and around Fresno County and the State of California.

This will not be a typical law firm blog that simply attempts to market the firm.  Instead, we will focus on content that will help you better understand legal issues and news.  We will, of course, provide our own insight but the content itself will always be the priority.

Check back often to keep up to date. As always you can call us for a free and confidential consultation at (559) 374-2012 or by sending a message on the form below.