Concierge Service

Many times our clients just want the assurance that they have a lawyer ready in times of need or if they have simple questions. Lawyers are not always needed to handle entire cases but rather for simple quick matters.  For such matters we offer simple concierge service.  This service is different from consultations because concierge services actually involve an attorney/client relationship. That is, a client will hire us to be available at any time while consultations are usually just one or two meetings that occur before hiring our firm.

How does concierge service work?

With our concierge service you have better access to our firm. You have the choice to meet at our office, have us visit you, or we can speak on the phone at your convenience.  For this service we are available on weekends and after normal business hours.  We the need arises we will be available. In many ways it is like having a part-time in-house o personal lawyer.

Why use our concierge service?

The primary benefit is that you have access to an attorney at any time of the day. We can meet at your convenience and wherever the need arises.  Also, we bear the cost of travel so long as it is within 50 miles of our office. You will not have to spend time trying to find a lawyer because you will already have one on call.  It is much the same as when medical doctors are on call. You will not have to explain to a new attorney your history because we will already know you.  We can provide advice on any matter that arises. 

The financial reasons are also important.  With concierge service we do not bill by the hour.  You will not have to worry about calling us because you have already pre-paid so that we will always be available.  The cost for the prepaid service is much lower than if you decided to hire a new attorney by the hour. Instead we charge a predetermine amount every month or year, which will include a certain amount of work.  If you need to hire us for a bigger project that will be discussed but chances are we can resolve your issue or provide the appropriate advice quickly.

To learn more about our concierge service fees please visit our upfront pricing page.