nicco capozzi

Nicco Capozzi Selected as One of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers

The National Trial Lawyers association is a prestigious group of top national trial lawyers.  The group's membership is selective and by invite only.

Fresno, California criminal defense attorney Nicco Capozzi was recently selected by the National Trial Lawyers association as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers.  He was selected based on his performance as "an exceptional trial lawyer in the practice area of Criminal Defense law."

More information about The National Trial Lawyers association can be found by visiting there website at

Why I Am a Defense Attorney: Defending the Defenders

Public opinion of criminal defense attorneys continues to fall. Celebrity trials, sex scandals, and the never-ending bad news cycle has casted the profession in its darkest light ever. The decline is unfortunate.

I am not techincally a criminal defense attorney. The term "criminal" is a conclusion. It implies guilt. True, many are eventually found guilty. But categorizing the profession as "criminal defense" puts the cart before the horse a bit. To be more specific, I am a constitutional defense attorney, and proud of it.