How will Donald Trump presidency effect federal justice system?

While federal laws do not change on a rapid basis, especially these days with the never ending posturing and ineptness of the branch, executive "policy" can change very quickly. Policy differs from law in that it is set within the administration itself and not by Congress. For example, Congress may outlaw marijuana possession and cultivation but the Executive Branch (President) can refuse to enforce the law. 

What are victim's rights at federal sentencing?

Watch below for a very informative video produced by the United States Sentencing Commission covering victim's rights at federal sentencing.

From the site:

"This 23-minute video aims to help crime victims exercise their right to participate in the sentencing process. It features key information about the sentencing process and identifies courtroom participants, explains legal terminology, and demonstrates how victims benefit from participating. A crime victim also shares his personal story about speaking at sentencing, and a probation officer explains how victims can affect the sentencing outcome."

You can reach the video here.

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Possible to Get Federal Criminal Record Expunged?

We have written extensively and explained on video the procedures and practices in California courts to get an expungement of your state criminal record.  In sum, most crimes are eligible for expungement in California by filing a petition pursuant to Penal Code section 1203.4.  The process is relatively simple and is always worth attempting.

Asset Forfeiture Laws Finally Getting Overhaul?

For those who confront and battle asset forfeiture laws everyday, the news coming out of Washington is long overdo.  As a federal and state asset forfeiture attorney, I have seen over the last few years a dramatic increase in the use of asset forfeiture by the government, especially the federal government, in lieu of criminal prosecutions.  While that may seem like a win for a defense attorney because, after all, you cannot lose your freedom or be sent to jail via an asset forfeiture case, which is obviously quite different than criminal prosecutions where everything is at stake.