We are a criminal defense and civil litigation law firm in Fresno, CA dedicated to defending our clients' rights, liberties, and property.



Our firm is home to Nicco Capozzi, an experienced criminal defense attorney and civil litigator located in Fresno, CA.  He was named a "Top 100 Trial Lawyer" and is rated 10/10 and "Superb" by AVVO.  He has established relationships with the local legal community, criminal law judges and prosecutors, and the media. Following his lead, our firm provides legal advice and counsel backed by knowledge and success.


Our law firm is dedicated to helping people charged with crimes. We specialize in asset forfeiturepre-charges representationcriminal appealsexpungements, writs of habeas corpus, and Prop 47 applications. We practice in state and federal courts. We also litigate civil matters, including fraud cases, personal injury, business and contract disputes, and employment.


Our client testimonials and case results speak for themselves.  Nicco Capozzi is considered by former and current clients, local attorneys and firms, judges, and prosecutors to being one of the most respected and capable criminal defense attorneys and civil litigators in the area. He has earned this reputation through his tireless effort to defending his clients' rights, liberties, and property.


We put our clients first, always.  

We are strict observers of quality over quantity. We limit the number of cases taken so each is handled with complete personal care.

We diligently keep up with changes in the law so that we can handle complex cases and ensure that our clients receive top-notch legal representation. 

We are dedicated to the American values of honesty, hard work, and justice for all. 

We always return phone calls in a prompt and courteous manner.

We work around the clock to ensure our clients are represented fully and with the highest sense of professionalism.

We strive to make our fees as straightforward as possible.  Our flat fees include an unlimited amount of hours.  We offer payment plans and flexible fee structures.  


Practice Areas

We have the experience necessary to win.  We are specialists in a variety of legal fields, including criminal defense, asset forfeiture, criminal appeals, expungements, pre-charges representation, and civil litigation.


We are experts in the field.


We are small firm with a big reputation.  One of our firm pledges states that we intentionally take on fewer cases so that we can continue to provide personal service to all our clients.  We also intentionally remain a small firm so that our clients always know who it is they are working with.  Many of the larger firms fail to provide personal service for this very reason.  With us, you know who we are and you know who it is that is working on your case.  When you hire Nicco Capozzi to represent you it will be him in court not a junior associate or new attorney. We pride ourselves on detail oriented and results driven representation.


Our Attorney


Nicco Capozzi
Firm Owner and Attorney at Law

Criminal defense and civil litigation attorney Nicco Capozzi has the experience you need. He works tirelessly for his clients and their cause.  He fights for justice in every case, for every client, every time.



Our Staff


Riorri is an experienced and dedicated paralegal with expertise in criminal defense and civil law. She works as Nicco Capozzi's primary assistant and as the point of contact for most clients.

Office Manager

Palinee runs our office and is primarily responsible for billing, finances, and firm administration.  She works tirelessly to make our firm run more efficient, which in turn allows us to better serve our clients.


Our client reviews speak for themselves.


Our law firm and Fresno criminal defense and litigation attorney Nicco Capozzi are consistently ranked as one of the best in and around the area. Read some of our stellar reviews from former clients.

5 star review.png

"I called around to many attorneys when my brother got into trouble.  When I first spoke to Mr. Capozzi I just knew he was the right choice.  He came across really smart and seemed to really care.  Watching him in court too was amazing.  He was really really well-liked and spoke with such force.  He got my brother off from charges he never committed and we feel so blessed." - Cathy S.

"I can highly recommend Nicco Capozzi as a criminal defense attorney.  He is very smart, honest, and approachable. He really was a life-saver for me and my family.  Who knows what would have happened without him." - James B.

"I appreciated the great communication and how quickly things were taken care of. Nicholas always kept in touch and made the process I was going through easy. He is extremely knowledgeable and I would without a doubt recommend him as a lawyer." - John D.

"Nicco handled my case in a professional manner, Always returned calls promptly and my case was settled to my satisfaction. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for counsel." - Duane B.

"He always responds in a timely manner, answers any questions & is handling my case extremely well!! I would defiantly recommend him!" Christy S.

"We were referred to Mr. Nicholas Capozzi by a friend. He is working on some of our stressful situations that we are going through. He is very diligent working on our cases. Unlike other lawyers we encountered before, he is a lawyer with a good heart who does not rip you off. He will be there for you when you need him." Thuong D.

"He is extremely knowledgeable in the area of criminal law, very familiar with court procedure and proceedings, and comfortable in the courtroom. It is critical that the lawer you choose to represent you has skills and experience to fight for your rights. The pending charges against us were resolved, if not the consequences could have been very serious, even life altering." Svetlana K.

 "Nicco Capozzi is a well-respected, trustworthy, and gifted attorney. He has a bright future ahead of him." Anthony C.


We get better results for our clients. 


We consistently get the best results in criminal law and litigation cases.  We do this through our experience handling a multitude of case, the expertise of attorney Nicco Capozzi and his staff, and our positive reputation with judges and other attorneys.


Felix v. United States

Client had money taken from him after traffic stop.  Government refused to give it back, claiming it had a "scent" of marijuana and thus illegal connected to crime.  We challenged the asset forfeiture and got it all back.

United States v. Zarate

Client was charged with illegal use of a laser pointer; specifically, it was alleged he targeted an aircraft with the laser.  Client faced up to five years in prison.  we argued for much less and the judge eventually gave him one year.

United States v. Castro

Mr. Capozzi was one of two attorneys working on this case.  He was in charge of the research and writing portion.  After a lengthy jury trial, the jury returned a verdict of not guilty — Client had been charged with murder.

United States v. Mata

State police illegal took clients money after simple traffic stop (asset forfeiture).  We filed a claim for return of the property with the Drug Enforcement Administration.  They initially refused to give it back but after presenting our case, all the money was returned.

United States v. Ceferino-Lopez

Client charged with illegal reentry into the United States.  Was facing three years in prison.  We argued for nine months, which is what he received.

United States v. Serna

Client was charged with having violated his supervised release and was facing up to five years in prison.  We argued that he deserved credit for time served and that he should receive no more time.  The judge agreed with us and he received credit for time served, no additional time, and immediately after sentencing was a free man.

People v. Korneff

Client was charged with illegal possession of an assault weapon after being arrested for a DUI.  District attorney refused to settle case.  We filed several motions to the trial and appellate court that eventually led to all the evidence being suppressed (thrown out) due to the illegal search and seizure.  Case was dismissed.

People v. Multani

High publicity case where client was charged with solicitation for murder. Despite strong surveillance evidence client received the minimum punishment and time served.