Asset Forfeiture

Rules Regarding the Seizure of Property

If evidence taken from you is being used against you in your criminal case, your Fresno criminal defense attorney may attempt to have this evidence seized. Before he or she can make such a motion, your criminal defense lawyer in Fresno may explain rules regarding the seizure of property and may ask you a variety of questions to better understand this issue.

Asset Forfeiture Laws Finally Getting Overhaul?

For those who confront and battle asset forfeiture laws everyday, the news coming out of Washington is long overdo.  As a federal and state asset forfeiture attorney, I have seen over the last few years a dramatic increase in the use of asset forfeiture by the government, especially the federal government, in lieu of criminal prosecutions.  While that may seem like a win for a defense attorney because, after all, you cannot lose your freedom or be sent to jail via an asset forfeiture case, which is obviously quite different than criminal prosecutions where everything is at stake.