Should Dog Owners Be Charged With Murder When Their Dogs Attack and Kill?

The reason why I would like to comment on the story being reported out of Michigan is for personal reasons.  I live in a nice gated community and presently have great neighbors.  But having great neighbors was not always the case.  A few years ago, I had neighbors who would let their pit bulls out of the yard.  By 'let' I do not mean they let them roam free; instead, they would not keep their side gate closed and the dogs would get out.  The neighbors knew this and still refused to fix their fence.  That is, until one day I fixed it for them (by nailing it shut) after one of the dogs got out and chased a little old lady up and down the street.  I had to force the dog back into its backyard with a shovel.  Scary stuff, especially since I have two young children.