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Why Would a Criminal Defense Lawyer Choose To Help a Defendant?

Certain questions always get asked when potential clients call our firm.  They typically ask about the likely outcome of the case (they want legal advice) and how much it will all cost.  However, in normal day-to-day life, non-potential clients ask different questions once they find out I am a criminal defense lawyer.  They ask: How can you represent criminals and what do you do when you know they are guilty? My answers are typically short even though my reasons are important. Rarely are they interested in really hearing my full explanation. Now is a good time to explain. So, bare with me a bit while we examine this issue from a variety of angles. Hopefully by the end I will have answered why I am a defense attorney and why you should care.

When Is A Car Accident a Hit & Run?

Auto accidents can be scary, especially if drivers aren't sure what to do after a collision, and state laws vary regarding mandatory procedures after an accident. In most cases, drivers are required to stop, give information and render aid if they hit a pedestrian or vehicle. Drivers may also need to stop if they hit an animal.