How to Set Goals and Stick With Them (Very Much Unrelated to Law)

how to set goals and stick with them

A new year is an opportunity to let go of bad habits or to start some new healthy ones. Many resolve to start exercising, quit smoking or lose weight, while others decide to take control of their finances or practice daily gratitude. Even though they may start strong, the majority of these resolutions don't last. It's unfortunate but not inevitable. The tips below can help you stick to your New Year's resolutions indefinitely.

Be Specific
Clearly define your goals. If you want to get in shape, decide what that means for you. Do you want to lose a certain number of pounds or a percentage of body fat? Do you want to build muscle mass and increase your strength? How will you achieve this? Maybe your goal is to do a combination of cardio and weight lifting every other day while cutting out fast food from your diet. Being specific with your goals and breaking them down into actionable steps significantly increases your chance of success.

Write It Down
Retired swimmer Michael Phelps ended his career last summer with a record 23 gold medals. The secrets to his success in becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time included writing down his goals and putting them somewhere he could see them every day. Regular reminders help keep you focused and on track.

Stay Motivated
The problem for many people in sticking to their goals is motivation. It's not always easy to wake up early to run or go to the gym after a long day at work. But understanding the science behind what keeps us working toward our goals can make a difference. For example, anticipating that you'll face obstacles and thinking about how you'll work through them will help you stay committed.