Suppression of Evidence in Drug Cases

You might believe that law enforcement did not have the right to conduct a search because they found evidence, such as drugs or paraphernalia, that can be used against you. However, the court will not grant blanket suppression or even a hearing unless you can show that you had a valid reason to believe you were entitled to privacy with regard to the place or item. Our Fresno drug crimes attorney can provide you with further counsel on how this applies in your case.

Fresno drug crimes attorney
Fresno drug crimes attorney


Standing refers to your expectation of privacy. Ownership in the seized item does not mean you will automatically be granted standing. However, our Fresno drug crimes attorney will use legal means to suppress evidence whenever possible by seeking the facts to support a hearing.

Taking the Stand

A prosecutor might attempt to trick you into taking the stand and admitting that the drug-related item in question belonged to you. Opposing counsel can then use this information to impeach you if you testify during an actual trial. A seasoned drug lawyer will try to avoid this by using information provided by other witnesses in order to show standing. For example, the arresting officer might testify that the vehicle where drugs were found was borrowed.

What a Lawyer Can Do

For answers to your questions about standing and the implications for your case, talk to a Fresno drug crime lawyer. The legal professionals at Capozzi Law look forward to working with you. You can reach them at 559-374-2012.