Your Fresno Criminal Defense Attorney Explains Bail Options

The judge in your criminal case will determine whether you will remain detained until trial, be released on your own recognizance, or be released on bond. Your criminal defense lawyer in Fresno has explained both unsecured bonds and cash bonds below.

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Release on an Unsecured Bond

An unsecured bond is one that does not require you to pay any money in advance to secure your release. If, though, you fail to appear at future court appearances or breach your release terms, you will be responsible for paying the value that the judge has assigned to the bond.

Violating Terms of the Bond

Violations and failures to appear may result in the judge revoking the bond and requiring that you be detained until trial. In addition, a failure to appear constitutes its own crime, with additional potential sanctions.

Release on a Cash Bond

If the judge decides a cash bond will be required for your release, it will be necessary to pay a cash deposit to the court. This deposit may either be the full value of the bond or just a percentage of the total.

Moving Forward with Your Criminal Defense Case

A knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer in Fresno will fight for your release on bond so that you are able to assist in the preparation of your defense. Contact Nicco Capozzi today at 559-374-2012 for more information.